Some of the cute faces YOU could have the opportunity of teaching!


Haiti Children’s Home is looking for one or two people to volunteer their time and teaching skills over the summer at our English school.


The teacher will be responsible for the education (which includes lesson preparation time and in-class teaching) of 18 children, ranging in ages from four to 14. The school is located at the orphanage and is designed and run similarly to a classroom in North America. The children are taught in English and the majority of the children are fluent in English, so speaking Creole is not a necessity.


The children attend in small groups based on developmental level, and all of the children are working between a preschool and 2ndgrade level. The desired focus for the summer is to continue teaching the students letter recognition and reading and writing in English, but teaching other subjects is openly welcome to be taught in addition to these central subjects.


We have a variety of curriculum, resources, and schoolsupplies already on site at the orphanage. The children learn best through craft projects, games, and songs and all of the children are enthusiastic and eagerto learn! Their love and appreciation for school is apparent and the teacher WILL be asked each and every day, “Me go to school wif you today?” :)


Amy, our teacher who stays for the school year, will be going back to the States for the summer on May 29, so it would be ideal to have our summer teacher(s) come in the middle of May to shadow her and meet the students.  If you or anyone you know is interested and would like more info, please contact us haitichildrenshome@hotmail.com ! :)


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