HCAS Spring Fundraiser

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Fundraiser Event Date: May 6, 2017

Come and enjoy an amazing catered supper with Silent & Live Auction! Fellowship over a delicious dinner and be encouraged of the work being accomplished in Haiti.

After dinner, childcare will be provided for children through 12 years old.

CrossRoads Church, Red Deer, Alberta

Doors Open 5pm. Dinner 6 pm

Tickets Go on Sale Soon!

We look forward to seeing you and thank-you for your support!

Your donations and support are what make our fundraisers a huge success. If you are considering donating items for our live or silent auction, PLEASE REGISTER AUCTION ITEMS HERE

(If you are willing and able to bake and bring items—please do so as well! People LOVE them!)

February 2015 Adoption Update


February 2015: Adoptions continue to move slowly through the new HAGUE process. We currently have a few files waiting various signatures and approval to move onto the next step. As usual, timelines are hard to estimate and we continue to do all we can to help move things along. Some areas have greatly improved which is encouraging, and we hope that many other areas will follow suit! But, we always remember, we are in HAITI, the land that is predictably unpredictable!!

However, we are so blessed to be able to continue to provide a safe and happy home for these little ones as God’s works out His plan in their lives!




HELP us keep our community programs running!

CH strives to support our community in as many ways as we can, and most often we see needs regarding health and nutrition! This year seems to be particularly challenging for families in our community, and at this time, HCH has taken in a number of needy children into full time respite care. These children often have special dietary needs to ensure they are receiving adequate amounts of protein, iron and many other essential nutrients. HCH has had special funds to meet these needs in the past, but at this time these funds are nearly depleted. Thus, we are in need of funds to be able to purchase medications,  milk and special nutritional supplements for them.  We really need your help to be able to continue to run this program!


We are in need of approx. $2000/month to meet all of these needs


In the past 6 months, HCH has:

a) seen over 250 patients in the out-patient clinic

b) served 13 babies in our out-patient milk program

c) served 8 babies in our in-patient baby care program

d) served 6 children in our full-time nutrition program


These funds will ensure that each child that comes into one of our programs is able to receive the assistance that they need to regain, and sometimes, save, their health.


Please consider making a general donation to Haitian Children’s Aid Society(Canada)   www.hcas.ca

or Interfellowship Christian Ministries (USA) (mail in donations only)  who will receipt your and forward these funds to us so we can continue to meet these needs in our community! For more information, please write to haitichildrenshome@hotmail.com



Some of the cute faces YOU could have the opportunity of teaching!


Haiti Children’s Home is looking for one or two people to volunteer their time and teaching skills over the summer at our English school.


The teacher will be responsible for the education (which includes lesson preparation time and in-class teaching) of 18 children, ranging in ages from four to 14. The school is located at the orphanage and is designed and run similarly to a classroom in North America. The children are taught in English and the majority of the children are fluent in English, so speaking Creole is not a necessity.


The children attend in small groups based on developmental level, and all of the children are working between a preschool and 2ndgrade level. The desired focus for the summer is to continue teaching the students letter recognition and reading and writing in English, but teaching other subjects is openly welcome to be taught in addition to these central subjects.


We have a variety of curriculum, resources, and schoolsupplies already on site at the orphanage. The children learn best through craft projects, games, and songs and all of the children are enthusiastic and eagerto learn! Their love and appreciation for school is apparent and the teacher WILL be asked each and every day, “Me go to school wif you today?” :)


Amy, our teacher who stays for the school year, will be going back to the States for the summer on May 29, so it would be ideal to have our summer teacher(s) come in the middle of May to shadow her and meet the students.  If you or anyone you know is interested and would like more info, please contact us haitichildrenshome@hotmail.com ! :)


Families united, files moving along! Also, some adoption news…

HCH is happy to announce that 3 more of our children have been able to join their adoptive families in the last few weeks! It is so exciting to be able to make that phone call, and often have the children tell their family, ” I am ready to come HOME!!!!!!”

We have also had a file that was stuck in dispensation for months and months finally released, and are so blessed to see another family moving closer to being united!

Many of you have been asking questions about what is currently happening with adoptions in Haiti. We often respond with, ” no one really seems to know”, as with all of the continuous changes that are happening, it sure seems like that at times!  All of our adoptions that were already in Haiti and being processed prior to the changes happening in IBESR (Haitian social services) are being processed with the old process. The NEW process has yet to be completely defined, and we are doing our best to wait patiently as things are sorted out and that information is provided to us. There is currently work being done in Haiti in regards to changing some of the adoption laws in Haiti, which MIGHT open up adoptions to more families with broader requirements regarding age, years of marriage, and number of biological children.

We are currently working to make connections with agencies in Canada and the US that have been approved by the Haitian government to do adoptions with Haiti, so that we are prepared to receive and process files whenever the green light is given for the new processes to begin. Please continue to pray for adoptions in Haiti, and especially that God would prepare us and equip us for whatever the future holds for the children in our care!


Building Project Update


Things are moving along with the project at HCH! The wall is completed and the big garage/tool room also just had the gates and doors put on, so we are ready with a secure place to store materials when we start `Phase A`of the building project to provide a new home for the kids at HCH. `Phase A` will include 6 children`s houses, main kitchen, classroom/multi-purpose room, guardhouse,  solar panel/inverter/battery set up, 2 wells, and all of the details that go into that such as electrical work, plumbing, etc for the compound. Please continue praying with us as we continue to work towards this

dream of a home for the children at HCH and working towards helping the community in Nirvard where we are building as well. 


Wall with canal for water run-off from the highway

Garage and Tool shed