Respite/Temporary Care

The Respite/Temporary Care Program is a community outreach program that began in 2012. It focuses on children who are suffering from an illness or an injury and whose families are struggling financially to receive the long-term care needed to get the child well again. The program allows the children to live full-time at the orphanage for an extended period of time, as they are provided with the medicine, vitamins, and food they need to fully heal and become strong and healthy again.


Meet Lousni.

Lousni lived with her mom, but her mom was anemic and couldn’t breastfeed Lousni. She was trying to buy milk for her Lousni, but her family was really struggling with money, so she wasn’t eating as often as she should have. She became lethargic and wasn’t gaining weight. Lousni’s mom had heard about a program at Haiti Children’s Home that can help sick and struggling families, so they visited the orphanage one day.

HCH staff  did a health evaluation on Lousni and saw that she was feverish and also was fighting pneumonia and overall, failing to thrive. After some discussion, HCH staff and the mother of Lousni agreed that it would help her to live at Haiti Children’s Home for a little while and get medical care and milk there until she became healthy again. So Lousni stayed there for a couple months and received medicine and vitamins to heal her (all free of charge). She was soon healthy again and able to return to her mother.

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