Nutrition Program

IMG_5599Child malnutrition and starvation are common struggles in Haiti and it’s the leading cause of death in Haitian children. While many families try their hardest to feed their children, it’s often not enough when jobs are difficult to come-by and natural disasters and deforestation make growing their own food challenging. Unlike in North America, there are few government-operated financial aid programs to help struggling families in these situations and a countless number of children are hungry every day.

LescanneGallery5Haiti Children’s Home recognizes this issue and offers a Nutrition Program, alongside the Community Clinics, for malnourished and vulnerable children in the community. Depending on their nutritional needs, the children in this program receive a combination of the following: Manna Packs, consisting of fortified nutritional supplements designed to bring a child quickly from malnutrition to health. Also,PlumpyNut Mamba packs, a peanut butter based protein replacement therapy to treat severe, acute malnutrition are offered.  They may also receive vitamins to help replenish those they’ve lost through malnutrition, as well as regular health check-ups and education in the Community Clinic visits.

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