Milk Program

In February 2012 a lady came to visit us at HCH with a sick, small, little baby girl. She was in tears as she knew her baby was sick, and that she didn’t have the means to purchase food and milk for her as she could not breastfeed due to an illness. However, what made the tears really flow was her perception that her only alternative was to give up her baby at the orphanage.

We were happy to tell her that we could help her. AND she could keep her baby. Thus began the milk program.┬áSince 2012 we have provided to 60 babies through this program. Some of them come from families where the mother has died in childbirth, some from families where the mother cannot nurse due to sickness and disease. Others are the children of young teenage mom’s whose bodies simply aren’t able to produce enough milk to feed their babies. Our current plan is to keep babies in the milk program for 1 year and re-evaluate at that time for each family/child.


Each family comes to HCH bi-weekly for assessment and nutritional support. Every family is required to bring their baby at each visit to allow us to track development and weight gain. We also provide education, medications and general support as needed for these families. It allows us to build relationships as we see these families each week, and simply love them!

The milk program provides 72- 400g cans of milk/month to children in need. We can purchase good milk here in bulk, and are happy with our fat little babies in the program.

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