Please pray faithfully…

  • For the nation of Haiti and that it continues to be politically safe and stable.
  • For the government and for leaders to put the best policies in place to help the Haitian people.
  • For the Haitian economy and that jobs will be created for Haitians.
  • For the millions of people living in extreme poverty.
  • For the children at Haiti Children’s Home, that they will love the Lord and lean on Him through their trials. Pray for their physical and emotional health.
  • For the Haitian and North American staff, and volunteers, for good health, for strength and direction and an always focused, willing, and joyful heart to serve Him.
  • For the orphanage, that it remain a safe refuge and that all of its financial and supply needs be met.
  • For a continuous flow of trained pediatricians, nurses, administrative assistants, maintenance and teachers to volunteer at the orphanage.