Sponsor A Child!


With your help we want to ensure EVERY child we care for has monthly sponsors! The commitment and donations of monthly sponsors will provide education, basic necessities and medical care, which will build a brighter future for the community of the children sponsored.

Every child receives the same high-quality care.  When you sponsor children in our Child Sponsorship program, 100% of the sponsorship dollars goes directly to the care of our children.

To completely fund the monthly care of EACH CHILD at Haiti Children’s Home,  at least 10 monthly sponsors at $40/month, for a total of $400/month, is required.

When subscribing to the Child Sponsorship Program, you may select which child/children you would like to sponsor.  You will then receive an information package about your sponsored children! You will also receive periodic updates on your children.

Sponsor one child (or more) per month!


Our sponsorship program is organized by Haitian Children’s Aid Society.  To view children in need and to find out how to become a Child Sponsor, visit HCAS.