Families united, files moving along! Also, some adoption news…

HCH is happy to announce that 3 more of our children have been able to join their adoptive families in the last few weeks! It is so exciting to be able to make that phone call, and often have the children tell their family, ” I am ready to come HOME!!!!!!”

We have also had a file that was stuck in dispensation for months and months finally released, and are so blessed to see another family moving closer to being united!

Many of you have been asking questions about what is currently happening with adoptions in Haiti. We often respond with, ” no one really seems to know”, as with all of the continuous changes that are happening, it sure seems like that at times! ¬†All of our adoptions that were already in Haiti and being processed prior to the changes happening in IBESR (Haitian social services) are being processed with the old process. The NEW process has yet to be completely defined, and we are doing our best to wait patiently as things are sorted out and that information is provided to us. There is currently work being done in Haiti in regards to changing some of the adoption laws in Haiti, which MIGHT open up adoptions to more families with broader requirements regarding age, years of marriage, and number of biological children.

We are currently working to make connections with agencies in Canada and the US that have been approved by the Haitian government to do adoptions with Haiti, so that we are prepared to receive and process files whenever the green light is given for the new processes to begin. Please continue to pray for adoptions in Haiti, and especially that God would prepare us and equip us for whatever the future holds for the children in our care!


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