HELP us keep our community programs running!

CH strives to support our community in as many ways as we can, and most often we see needs regarding health and nutrition! This year seems to be particularly challenging for families in our community, and at this time, HCH has taken in a number of needy children into full time respite care. These children often have special dietary needs to ensure they are receiving adequate amounts of protein, iron and many other essential nutrients. HCH has had special funds to meet these needs in the past, but at this time these funds are nearly depleted. Thus, we are in need of funds to be able to purchase medications,  milk and special nutritional supplements for them.  We really need your help to be able to continue to run this program!


We are in need of approx. $2000/month to meet all of these needs


In the past 6 months, HCH has:

a) seen over 250 patients in the out-patient clinic

b) served 13 babies in our out-patient milk program

c) served 8 babies in our in-patient baby care program

d) served 6 children in our full-time nutrition program


These funds will ensure that each child that comes into one of our programs is able to receive the assistance that they need to regain, and sometimes, save, their health.


Please consider making a general donation to Haitian Children’s Aid Society(Canada)

or Interfellowship Christian Ministries (USA) (mail in donations only)  who will receipt your and forward these funds to us so we can continue to meet these needs in our community! For more information, please write to

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