Adoption Qualifications:

Haiti is in the midst of significant changes and reformations to the adoption programs, including the qualifications for eligibility to adopt. Adoptive families will now be required to be working with a Haiti-approved agency, and the processes of being matched with a child will be changing. .

HCH has great relationships with the following agencies:


Sunrise Family Services (Vancouver)




TDH (Ontario)




 Love Beyond Borders (Colorado)


Please note that both of the Canadian agencies have an agreement with Alberta as Alberta currently does not have licensed private agencies as required by Haiti. These agencies have agreed to process Haitian adoption on behalf of Alberta.

The new laws include the following changes:

-couples must be married 5 years minimum
-one of the spouses must be a least 30 years old with both parents no older than 50
-single female adoptive parents must be at least 35 years old and no older than 50
-there is no limit regarding biological children, as long as they can be provided for. Families with older children (8 years plus) will require the children’s opinions on adoption to be a part of the adoption dossier.
*Please note that North American agencies may have further requirements
*HCH requires adoptive families to be active Jesus followers



For further information, please contact Haiti Childrens Home