Haiti Children’s Home has been blessed to facilitate adoptions to North American families for over 20 years. Over 200 children have been adopted from HCH since HCH started processing adoptions in the 1980′s. Many things have changed with international adoptions in that period of time, but HCH is still committed to finding families for children.

Some of the children that come into care at Haiti Children’s Home come to live at HCH permanently and this has created a unique opportunity for North American families to open their homes to these children through adoption.

Haiti Children’s Home has a number of children in care who are in need of a Forever Family. All of the children undergo medical testing which includes testing for Sickle Cell Anemia, Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis and HIV when they come into care before they are proposed to parents as potential adoptive sons and daughters.

Many children come to Haiti Children’s Home in various stages of malnutrition and/or have developmental delays related to economic and cultural factors that sometimes inhibit their ability to thrive. HCH is blessed to have the opportunity to provide the necessary interventions and TLC that these children need to regain their health and join their adoptive families as healthy and happy children.


For more information on Haitian adoptions, please see Adoption Requirements.