Meet the Staff

National Staff

Haiti Children’s Home employs 44 paid Haitian staff members who work as directors, nannies, security guards, cooks, and yard/house maintenance workers. Each of them are an integral part of caring for the children around the clock and we are blessed to have them!


Mathieu Cenoble

Mathieu began working at Haiti Children’s Home in 2000. He serves as the Haitian director of the orphanage as well as the director of FONSOPED, a Haitian organization that is responsible for HCH. He spends much of his time overseeing and processing governmental paperwork for all adoptions which go through HCH. He received three degrees (Communication, Informatics, and Plumbing) from Univestitѐ Amѐricaine des Sciences Modernes D’Haiti. Mathieu says his favorite part of working at HCH is using his knowledge to help change the children’s lives. He lives in Mirebalais with his wife, Ronide.

Macius (Lunto) Pierre
Lunto has been working at Haiti Children’s Home since 1995. Of his many tasks at HCH, he is the Supplies Manager and oversees the buying of food, filtered water, and purchases other needed items for the operation of the orphanage.
He also manages payroll for all of the employees. Lunto lives with his wife, Kepta, in Mirebalais. They are loving foster parents to two children, Andre and James, from Haiti Children’s Home.

house 5 family

Joujou and Norcilien
Joujou and Norcilien are house parents to 6 children at HCH. Joujou worked for HCH at the old site and we happy to have her, her husband and their two children transition to our new site with our new childcare philosophy.

house 3 family



Pastor and Madam Nissaje
Pastor and Madam Nissaje joined HCH in 2015 as we transitioned to our new facility.  In addition to their own teenage daughter, they are house parents to seven HCH children. Pastor Nissaje oversees our gardening programs and organizes Bible studies and memory verse competitions with the children.

house 2 family



Sister Reymond and Eugenz
Sister Reymond worked at HCH for 13 years before transitioning with her husband to our new facility.  In addition to their son, Cindere, they are house parents to five HCH children.







International Staff

All of the following international staff members at Haiti Children’s Home raise their own financial support to be able to live and serve in Haiti full-time. They consider it a privilege to care for the children at HCH and to serve the HCH community.


Lori West-Louis
Lori has been serving at Haiti Children’s Home since 2006. She first came to Haiti to volunteer at HCH for a short-term trip and she quickly fell in love with the people and country of Haiti! She returned in 2007 to volunteer for one year and ended up staying on. She is now the administrator, nurse, and “house mama” at HCH. She oversees the care of the children and organizes daily operations of the Haitian staff at the orphanage, as well as several community outreach programs. Lori is originally from Alberta, Canada and graduated from Nursing College as an LPN. She met her husband, Sadrack, in Haiti and they live in on-site with their three children, Naydeline, Roselissa and Tobias.

Donahue Family Photos Sans Souci August 2016 (9 of 126)

Scott and Tanya Donahue

Originating from Kelowna, BC, the Donahue’s now call Haiti home.  Scott and Tanya have two biological sons and two adopted Haitian daughters, one of which comes from HCH. As of August 2016, Scott now serves as Field Director, overseeing the maintenance of HCH and start-up of small businesses that benefit HCH and the Haitian people.

Melissa Raime

Melissa Raime

Melissa first visited HCH in 2009. After receiving her nursing diploma, she returned to HCH in January, 2014. She is the Baby House nurse and oversees the Milk Program in the Mirebalais Community Clinics.  Melissa also runs the Palto Community Clinic.  Melissa is married to a local Haitian pastor and resides in Mirebalais.





Juanita Fehr

Juanita is originally from Northern Alberta.  She first volunteered at HCH in 2008 and as of February, 2014 she has served at HCH full time.  Juanita is part of the support staff in our Baby House, and for a few of the toddlers, nurturing, playing and loving on the little ones.  She also serves in the Palto Community Clinic alongside her sister, Melissa.





 Bethany St. John

Bethany originates from Ohio, US.  She visited HCH in the winter of 2013/2014, serving mainly in the Baby House. As of February, 2016, Bethany has been serving HCH as support staff in the Baby House.