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Haiti Children’s Home (HCH) is outside the small town of Mirebalais, roughly 48 km northeast of Port-au-Prince.

Haiti Map

After the 2010 earthquake, a brand new facility has been built at a new location outside Mirebalais. Smaller housing with house parents per 8 children means a more family style setting for the children. Haitian Children’s Aid Society has partnered with HCH to help realize the dream of a new Haiti Children’s Home.

This new multi-million dollar development includes:

  • New housing for up to 60 Children (a 100% increase in capacity from the previous facility)
  • A small community medical clinic
  • Multiuse spaces for play, school and youth apprenticeship training
  • Water filtration and waste water management (providing safety from waterborne illness)
  • Staff and volunteer housing
  • Youth Training Facility
  • Micro-Business Development

Take a tour with us as we go back to the beginnings of the rebuilding of Haiti Children’s Home, all the way through to when the children moved in!


Six days per week, the rebuilding project provided essential employment for up to 56 Haitian people, which in turn is allowing them to care for and impact their families—up to 350 people daily! They are deeply thankful for this project, feeling pride in their work and in their ability to provide for their families. Having the vision of transforming their community come to fruition has provided hope and empowerment to them.