Annual Report


The following report to provides current information regarding the day-to-day business of Haiti Children’s Home.

A)   Children in Care

We currently have 42 children in our care, 33 boys and 9 girls. The children range in age from  6 months to 15 years of age. Three of these children are older and have been living with foster families for the last few years, and continue to thrive in these environments.

Thirteen of the children in our care attend French school in Mirebalais. In past years we have had a full time English teacher as well to supplement the children’s education, but this year we have not had a full time teacher. The children continue to practice their English reading skills and most of our elementary school aged children are trilingual in French, Creole, and English.

Of the children in our care, there are currently seven children in the adoption process. Haiti has recently undergone significant reforms to the adoption system which have been slow to take hold, but after three challenging years, it appears as though the system is starting to work better. We are encouraged to see Haiti making reforms to protect children and improve the processes to ensure their care.

B) Staff

We currently employ 44 staff members, including nannies, cooks, security, caretakers, food buyers, etc. Each of them are integral to our day-to-day running, and we are blessed to have them as a part of our team.

C) Vehicles

HCH currently owns an ISUZU box truck that was used primarily for the building project. Though it has been useful, we are hoping to replace it with a vehicle more conducive to every day life at HCH and to the needs associated with going to adoption appointments in Port au Prince.

We also own a JMC cab over that has been re-designed to accommodate transporting staff and children to and from town each day. This vehicle is able to also pick up teams and transport materials as needed.

D) Finances

We currently receive 90% of our needed funding from Haitian Children’s Aid Society. The remainder of the monthly needs are met by funds made available through adoptions, funds received from volunteer room and board fees, or other donations received from other sources. Haiti Children’s Home currently runs at approximately $11,000USD/month.

E) FONSOPED Building Project

HCH was able to move into our new home July 1, 2015.  We have been very pleased with our new structure which includes three sets of house parents caring for children 24/7 in a family style home environment. We also have a baby house, industrial kitchen, volunteer housing, school, and various buildings integral to our self-sustainability goals including solar power and water sources.

F) Community Programs

HCH is blessed to be able to facilitate a number of other programs in the community. HCH currently runs a milk program, providing eligible families with formula to support family preservation. Some of these families have either lost the mother during or following childbirth, or the mother is unable to breastfeed due to health concerns. HCH provides milk for a year to these families, as well as medical care and education as needed.

HCH also provides a community clinic to people in the area where we treat basic health concerns and provide a triage centre for malnutrition treatment. As appropriate, children are referred to the nutrition program for treatment of various forms of malnutrition. We are currently running two programs in Mirebalais, with approximately 200 children and families registered. We use a balance of Manna Packs, Plumpy Nut (medicated peanut butter also known as Medka Mamba), and milk based formula to treat children and empower families to remain as the caregivers of their children.

As necessary, HCH also provides inpatient care for severely ill children that require treatment for malnutrition.

G) Leadership
HCH is under the direction of FONSOPED, a Haitian organization that is responsible for HCH in Haiti. FONSOPED has a sub-committee consisting of 7 members who are responsible for addressing any issues or concerns regarding HCH, and supporting the administrative team running HCH.

Haitian Children’s Aid Society, our Canadian partner, works together with the HCH board and the FONSOPED board to support and participate in the planning and decisions being made for Haiti Children’s Home.