Move_dayHaiti Children’s Home was founded in 1984 to care for ill and malnourished children in Haiti. Over the years, HCH has seen hundreds of children come through our doors, some to be cared for until they are matched with an adoptive family, and others until they are strong and healthy enough to return to their Haitian families.

The goal of Haiti Children’s Home is to reach out and care for the people in our community with medical care, food, education, support, and the love of Jesus.

Meet the Staff: Meet the staff of HCH. We have 44 full and part-time paid Haitian staff. There are also 6 North Americans who provide their own funding. The day-to-day running of HCH is accomplished through full-time North American staff who work closely with Haitian nationals to provide well-rounded care for the children. Meet our Staff here.

About Haiti: Haitian children grow up in a society plagued by political unrest, fears, superstitions, witchcraft, illiteracy, and poverty. Yet despite the obstacles which the Haitian people face, they maintain a sense of dignity and pride which is often amazing and inspiring to foreigners who come to visit Haiti. Read more about Haiti here.

Our Location: Haiti Children’s Home has individual houses with house parents caring for the children in a family-style setting. Tour our brand new facilities here.

Annual Report: To find out how Haiti Children’s Home has been impacting the community, read our Annual Report.

Volunteers: HCH is also blessed to have various volunteers that come each year to love on kids, facilitate building maintenance projects, encourage our staff, and just step in to do whatever needs to be done. Read more about Volunteering here.

Adoptions: HCH is licensed to facilitate adoptions in Haiti, and our children are matched with forever families in Canada and the United States. HCH is accepting files for new adoptive families. Read more about Adoptions here.

HCH is under the direction of FONSOPED,  (Foundation du soutien et de la protection des enfants démunis) OR Foundation for the Support and Protection of Impoverished Children.  FONSOPED is a Haitian organization established to oversee Haiti Children’s Home as well as a school that was established in conjunction with Hungry For Life Int’l. FONSOPED acts as a connection between North American organizations and their Haitian counterparts. HCH is supported by various churches, friends and family, as well as Haitian Children’s Aid Society (HCAS). HCAS is a registered Canadian charity established in 2000 to support Haitian organizations seeking to meet the needs of Haitian people.

“Blessed is (s)he who is kind to the needy” Proverbs 14:21